Dear Student of the University of Pécs,

I am happy to inform you about the fact that, thanks to a newly signed agreement, beginning from the present academic year, you shall have the opportunity to take advantage of individual health insurance (UNIMED) protection during the entire period of your residence in Hungary.

The UNION V.I.G. Insurance Co. Ltd. has developed, along with the University of Pécs, a health insurance package which, during the academic year, shall provide you with services concerning health care.

Medical treatment is carried out in the health institutions of the University of Pécs, and if you get sick or need treatment you shall be required to call the phone number of ADVANCE MEDICAL (+36-1-461-1593) and, as a matter of urgency, medical care will be arranged for you.

Why is it favourable for you?

  • Providing you help available in 24 hours a day by phone, as well as appointment arrangements (in the English language)
  • Medical consultancy and expertise may also be required by phone
  • Treatment in the medical clinics/doctors’ consulting rooms of the University
  • Dates of treatments shall be arranged quickly, which means no extra payment for you
  • You shall be ensured medical care at the highest quality
  • The insurance company shall cover the cost of services up to the limit amount of 2.000.000.-HUF
  • Health insurance can also be signed for your relatives who come to Hungary together with you

The fee of the service, for the whole academic year, amounts to 68.000.-HUF (260 USD), in exchange for which you shall be provided with the following protection and care:

Outpatient basic care (with general practicioners speaking in English)

Consultations and treatment by medical and surgical specialists

Emergency outpatient care

Inpatient/Hospital services (including emergency)

Patient/ambulance transport
Costs of medicines and medical aids100.000.-HUF

For any further information on the exact terms of the health insurance contract (UNIMED), please click the next link, and add the campaign code (ML07) found on the flyer:

If you are interested in signing a health insurance, please, turn to the representatives of UNION in Pécs and in the office of the insurance company in the following address:

7624 Pécs, Barbakán tér 1/A. Fsz 1.
You can also inquire about the insurance in English at:  00 36 20 294 0674 

Call us for a personal meeting and for signing a health insurance contract considering the entire period of the academic year!